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Cellular Biologist Claims CBD Oil Saved Her Son’s Life!

Dr. Annabelle Manalo Morgan, a cellular biologist in Nashville, TN, says her son is alive today due to one main reason – Cannabidiol, or CBD.

Dr. Morgan recently told a Nashville television news station that her young son was living a bleak life that included suffering up to 200 seizures a day and having to take seven different prescription medications.

Things got even worse when doctors had to remove 40% of the child’s brain. At that terrible point, Morgan began searching for a natural solution outside of traditional Western medicine.

Ultimately, she decided to take a chance on CBD and began giving her son CBD Oil daily.

Not only that but she also decided to stop the other medicine he was taking and to rely solely on the CBD Oil.

Fast forward to today and her son, who is 5 years old, is going to be starting Kindergarten in the fall. Morgan told the television station that her son’s condition has completely reversed since she turned to CBD as his sole treatment.

He has no developmental deficits and by all appearances is a normal 5-year-old boy. Morgan credits CBD with the amazing turnaround.

So what could CBD do for you or a loved one?

As scientists continue to study this special compound you may want to consider taking it daily as more and more success stories are being created around the world.

The Truth is Full Spectrum CBD Could Revitalize Your Life!

That’s what happens when you experience the wide-ranging health benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD).

All you need is a safe, organic oil that features the highest quality CBD in the purest concentration. One that is extracted from non-GMO, pesticide-free and herbicide-free USA-grown hemp plants.

You should also look for a CBD Oil provider that uses state-of-the-art CO2 extraction and cold-pressed, unrefined oil (so it’s not damaged by heat).

One more thing: look for a full-spectrum CBD oil.

Full-spectrum means that the oil contains ALL of the cannabinoids and phytochemicals from the hemp plant. This is important because of “the entourage effect,” which means they work together to enhance effectiveness.

Another thing to consider – sublingual delivery.

CBD Oil with a special sublingual delivery system helps ensure maximum absorption … AND maximum health benefits for you! Benefits such as:

Stress Relief
Studies show that CBD may help relieve feelings of stress and anxiety and help users lead fuller, more productive lives.

Pain Relief
CBD may replace ibuprofen as the pain relief medication of choice! It can be used for headaches, joint pain, muscle soreness and more.

Acne Relief
CBD may help reduce acne by adjusting how the skin creates sebum, a waxy, oily substance. CBD is also anti-inflammatory!

Heart Relief
A recent study showed the CBD may help lower blood pressure and heart rate when a person is under stress.

More About the Safety of CBD Oil …

Many suppliers use pesticides when growing their hemp plants. Also, many CBD supplements have been found to contain high levels of heavy metals and potentially dangerous microbes.

To combat these issues, you should look for companies with the highest reputations for quality and that feature CBD that is grown in a location that is noted for promoting the highest quality control for hemp. Right now, these locations include Switzerland and the United States.

Switzerland, in particular, has quickly gained a strong reputation for producing high quality hemp-derived CBD.

Sarah’s Blessing is one company that uses Switzerland-grown CBD in all of its products.

Sarah’s Blessing offers three types of CBD oil – 3%, 6% and 9% along with other types of CBD products, such as: CBD candy, three flavors of CBD tea and a CBD cream.

Additional factors that allow Sarah’s Blessing to stand out in the marketplace include:

CBD Oil, Like That Produced by Sarah’s Blessing, Can Allow You to Experience Major Health Benefits

But what makes the CBD Oil from Sarah’s Blessing so special?

It’s the quality! When searching for a company with high quality CBD Oil you should look for a company, like Sarah’s Blessing, that uses only the best, highest quality ingredients.

In Sarah’s Blessing’s case, it sources ingredients from partners who have a strong focus on safety and nature preservation and who have made it their mission to provide nothing but the best, organic and 100% natural quality CBD Oil.

Sarah’s Blessing’s natural CBD Oil recipe supports the body's own vital functions and thereby helps the body to heal itself and alleviate various ailments. Anxiety, stress, and even chronic pain can be significantly reduced with CBD oil.

Additional benefits Sarah's Blessing customers report experiencing include: they sleep better, concentrate more easily, have regular digestion, and simply feel healthier.

That’s why Sarah’s Blessing CBD Oil has quickly become Europe's #1 CBD oil with more than 3,500,000 bottles already sold.

It is valued primarily because it can help with a wide variety of problems. CBD Oil acts on the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS), thereby improving various body functions.

Visit to try Sarah’s Blessing CBD Oil and start experiencing the very real differences this product can make in your health and well-being.

The key thing to keep in mind here is nothing is going to suddenly change on its own with no action from you. That’s not how life works.

And if things are bad now, how much worse will they be in a few years if nothing is done?

That’s why taking action now and trying CBD for your pain or other health benefits is the best first step.

Visit now to try Sarah’s Blessing CBD Oil or the company’s other CBD products. Get Sarah’s Blessing CBD Oil and relieve your pain and anxiety!


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