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What Should You Really Believe About the Healing Powers of CBD?

There have been a lot of claims made about CBD and its health benefits recently. So many that it may be difficult to tell the real claims from the fake ones.

So what should you really believe about the healing powers of CBD?

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First and foremost, CBD is an actual, real-life pain killing compound. In fact, recent evidence suggests that CBD, which stands for Cannabidiol, could be nature’s GREATEST pain-killing compound.

What evidence is there you ask?

Well, a recent review revealed that there have been 35 controlled studies involving more than 2,000 subjects that investigated CBD’s pain-relieving powers.

It would be an understatement to say that the researchers came away impressed by CBD.

Discover Why Cannabidiol Figures to be Around for the Long Run!

That’s why medical organizations like the World Health Organization and the American Academy of Family Physicians have come out in massive support of hemp-based CBD usage.

By the way, unlike marijuana, hemp does not contain high levels of THC, which is a psycho-active chemical that makes those who ingest it “high.” That’s why hemp has become the preferred source for CBD.

Used daily, CBD has shown again and again that it helps relieve swollen joints, muscle spasms and even some nerve pain.

Discover Why Cannabidiol Figures to be Around for the Long Run!

One user recently wrote: “I’m amazed at how much better I feel after only four days. My knee hurt so bad that I couldn’t get out of bed and now I’m making plans to go back to the gym to start working out again. I credit CBD – it’s the only thing that I’ve been doing differently. Both the swelling and the pain in my knee have gone down. It’s really been quite unbelievable.”

Stories like this have been pouring into media outlets around the world. Here are just two more examples:

“My shoulder hurt so bad that I couldn’t sleep at night. I would wake up in pain every time I moved. A friend recommended I try CBD and I felt the difference almost immediately. I’d say within two days my shoulder pain had decreased significantly and now I am able to sleep peacefully throughout the night. I think CBD is a miracle cure.” – Andy H.

“While hiking, I tripped over a rock and fell on my wrist. It hurt so bad that I couldn’t pick anything up with my hand. I started taking CBD and the pain began to lessen right away. Within a week I was using my wrist like normal again with no pain whatsoever. I really think CBD shortened my recovery time.” – Stephanie P.

The truth is hemp-based CBD treats swollen, painful joints so well that scientists are now considering it to be a whole new class of pain relief drugs unto itself.

Discover Why Cannabidiol Figures to be Around for the Long Run!

By the way, the world’s governments know this – don’t let them fool you!

That’s why the U.S. government secretly patented hemp’s therapeutic ingredients (USPO #6,630,507) for use in treating epilepsy, protecting brain health and lowering intra-ocular eye pressure.

That’s right, while the US federal government, and many other governments around the world, consider marijuana to be a serious drug on par with heroin; they are actively promoting the use of its cousin – hemp.

Hemp and marijuana are both versions of the cannabis plant – marijuana contains higher levels of THC while hemp contains lower THC and higher CBD.

So Why Exactly Does CBD Work so Well?

Because we have within us a natural, body-wide network that was only recently discovered.

Discover Why Cannabidiol Figures to be Around for the Long Run!

You see, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, a medicinal chemistry professor, discovered an unknown protein molecule in the body back in 1992. He ultimately determined it was a cannabinoid.

This discovery in turn led him to discover that the human body produces cannabinoids that are identical to the ones found in the hemp plant. That discovery then led him to investigate even further and he ended up uncovering an entire secret network hidden in our bodies.

This network, which is called the EndoCannabinoid System (ECS), contains trillions of receptors that are concentrated in our brains, organs, glands, tendons and cartilage.

When cannabinoids, either produced by our bodies or from hemp, interact with these receptors great things begin to happen.

One of those great things is the relief of pain, swelling and aching in joints and muscles.

For example, Todd K. writes that his chronically sore lower back is free from pain for the first time in years. “I’m able to bend over pain-free now thanks to my CBD supplement. My back doesn’t get sore when I sit too long or when I stand too long either. It’s like my body has been put in a time machine and sent back a couple of decades to when I was in much better health. I feel younger and much more spry.”

Other benefits can include feeling calmer and more at ease, reduced anxiety, lowering of high blood pressure, pain relief, improved sleep, improved digestion, improved circulation, a strengthened immune system and an overall feeling of happiness and contentment.

But What Type of CBD is Best?

Another confusing claim involving CBD is whether full spectrum CBD or CBD isolate is better for users.

CBD isolate only contains CBD while full spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids in the hemp plant.

Preclinical data is clear on this one – multiple cannabinoids are much more effective at relieving pain than a single cannabinoid.

Researchers believe the reason for this is that cannabinoids work together to produce stronger, more beneficial effects.

That’s why users need to look for organic, full-spectrum formulations that contain multiple cannabinoids.

These other cannabinoids also produce beneficial health effects themselves so by increasing the number you are receiving you will also naturally increase the health benefits you enjoy.

Discover Why Cannabidiol Figures to be Around for the Long Run!

A leading provider that produces products with full spectrum CBD is Sarah’s Blessing.

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