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Discover Why More Owners Are Giving Their Horses CBD Oil to Reduce (& Even Eliminate) Inflammation, Anxiety & Other Conditions

Discover Why More Owners Are Giving Their Horses CBD Oil

When Abigail’s horse, Thomas, began limping when he walked she feared the worst – arthritis that would ultimately lead to lameness.

The situation left Abigail with a serious decision … How should she best treat the inflammation so that it didn’t become a chronic problem?

Of course, she could give her horse one of the popular medications that are prescribed today but these medications come with side effects, including some that lead to kidney damage with long-term use.

Discover Why More Owners Are Giving Their Horses CBD Oil

Abigail didn’t like the idea of causing her horse more physical problems so she decided to go with another option. She chose something that has been in the news recently for its beneficial effects on humans and other animals like dogs and cats.

Abigail chose to give Thomas Cannabidiol, or CBD for short.

Today, Abigail says Thomas is moving even better than he did when he was younger and he shows no signs of stiffness or pain in his leg.

She says her decision to use CBD oil was one of the best decisions she’s made as a horse owner.

Now around the same time Abigail was dealing with her horse’s inflammation, Todd faced another type of problem with his horse, Silver.

The horse was displaying classic signs of stress and anxiety and a vet had recently diagnosed him with herd-bound issues.

Todd couldn’t bear to keep Silver isolated from the other horses he owned. He just thought it was a sad, depressing way for the horse to live and so he, too, turned to a substance other horse owners had been having success with – he decided to give his horse CBD oil as well.

Within a week, Todd reports that his horse’s stress was gone and it was back to interacting with other members of the herd. He gives CBD oil all the credit for the sudden transformation.

Discover Why More Owners Are Giving Their Horses CBD Oil

So What Exactly is CBD?

CBD is one of several cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. In all, there are 104 cannabinoids, with CBD and THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, being the two most prevalent.

THC is the psychoactive compound that gives users a “high” when they use marijuana. CBD on the other hand doesn’t have any psychoactive properties. In other words, it doesn’t get users “high.”

There are two types of cannabis plants – marijuana, which is higher in THC, and hemp, which is higher in CBD and which contains only trace amounts of THC.

It is recommended that horse owners only give their horses CBD from hemp to avoid any possible psychoactive effects.

Here’s one more thing to keep in mind before we move on and discuss exactly how CBD works:

Hemp is currently grown in a variety of areas of the world and many of those places may have lax oversight meaning growers there often use unsafe pesticides and herbicides to grow their hemp faster and easier.

It is recommended that horse owners get their CBD from hemp grown in one of the countries with sterling growth reputations like Switzerland, the United States and Canada.

Discover Why More Owners Are Giving Their Horses CBD Oil

How Does CBD Work on Horses?

It appears to work on horses in just the same way that it works on humans and on dogs and cats – CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid System which we all have inside our bodies.

Basically, the Endocannabinoid System is a network of sensors, or receptors, that monitor the body and when instability occurs it acts to return the body to homeostasis or balance.

In other words, if a horse has inflammation in its leg the Endocannabinoid System would be involved in trying to get rid of that inflammation and return the leg to its pre-inflammation state.

CBD from hemp is the same as the CBD we have in our bodies. When CBD Oil is rubbed on an area, like a horse’s leg, it activates the Endocannabinoid System there by turning on the network’s receptors, which then perform a variety of functions, including reducing the inflammation that is present.

The end result is the horse feels better and unlike many prescription medications, CBD does not appear to have any side effects. If a horse receives an “overdose” of CBD minor symptoms like diarrhea, decreased blood pressure, dizziness and fatigue may appear.

Discover Why More Owners Are Giving Their Horses CBD Oil

Could CBD Work for My Horse?

It is very possible. There haven’t been any studies done covering CBD and its use on horses but many horse owners are reporting that the substance has helped their animals.

IF you decide to give CBD a shot, here’s one thing to keep in mind – when it comes to CBD it is available as a CBD isolate and as full-spectrum CBD.

Full-spectrum CBD is a better choice for horse owners due to something called the “entourage effect.”

The entourage effect refers to a unique interactive synergy that exists between all 104 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

All these cannabinoids appear to work together to enhance each other’s affects. As a result, CBD, when in the presence of other cannabinoids, may be even more effective at reducing inflammation or anxiety.

Users of full spectrum CBD also receive additional benefits from the other cannabinoids that are present. These additional benefits can include better sleep, a reduction in nausea, increased pain relief and more.

Discover Why More Owners Are Giving Their Horses CBD Oil

Where is the Best Place to Get CBD for My Horse?

There are many providers online, just be careful when selecting one. Many of those in business today are looking to cash in on the CBD craze and are not really that interested in delivering a high quality product.

They would rather cut corners and use cheap ingredients to increase their profit margin.

To separate the quality providers from the scammers, study their websites. Pay particular attention to their testimonials and to the descriptions they provide of their products and of their CBD growth and extraction processes.

One company that has developed a sterling reputation for providing high quality CBD is Sarah’s Blessing located at /.

Discover Why More Owners Are Giving Their Horses CBD Oil

Sarah’s Blessing uses CBD grown and organically harvested in Switzerland and it has also developed a state-of-the-art CO2 extraction process to ensure both the quality and potency of its CBD.

Sarah’s Blessing offers three types of CBD oil – a 3% solution for mild conditions, a 6% solution for moderate conditions and a 9% solution for more serious conditions.

To learn more about Sarah’s Blessing and its CBD products, click here.


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