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How to Tell if a CBD Product is Good or Bad

The CBD, or Cannabidiol, market has exploded in recent years and that has lead to numerous companies offering the product for sale.

But how do you tell between the companies that have a safe, natural, highly effective product and the ones who are just out to make a buck?

This is an important question because they companies driven solely by their bottom line often cut corners in the manufacturing process and use cheap, inferior ingredients to increase their profit margins.

You want to buy CBD from a company that is equally interested in its customers’ health as it is in making money.

So How Do You Tell the Difference?

The easiest way is to look at where and how a product’s CBD was obtained. If a company doesn’t reveal this information then it is wise to stay away from their products.

You should look for a company that uses organically grown CBD from a country known for producing the highest quality hemp crops.

For those unaware, CBD comes from hemp, which is a plant that is in the same family as marijuana only it does not contain high levels of THC, which is the compound in marijuana that gets users “high.”

The countries currently known for producing the highest quality organic grown hemp include Switzerland, the United States and Canada.

Those are the big three – so you should look for a company that gets its CBD from hemp grown in one of these countries.

Another thing to look at is what processes are used in the actually manufacturing of the CBD.

How is the CBD Manufactured?

Look for companies that use CO2 extraction to get their CBD from a hemp plant. This is the process that yields the highest and purest concentrations of CBD.

When it comes to CBD oil, you should look for a company that produces cold-pressed oil.

Cold-pressed oil involves a process where the oil is removed from the seed or plant without using heat. This is important because heat can degrade and damage the oil.

Thus, cold-pressed CBD oil means higher quality, stronger CBD oil.

One company that meets all these qualifications and then some is Sarah’s Blessing.

Discover the Difference Quality Can Make …

Sarah Blessing uses that supercritical CO2 process that the US FDA regards as safe and it carefully monitors and tests its CBD during cultivation, extraction and manufacturing to ensure its quality and to protect the health of its customers.

The company’s CBD is also 100% natural and organic with no pesticides or chemicals used during its growth.

Also, the company’s CBD is grown in Switzerland, which has become a hotbed for high quality CBD growth. What’s so great about Switzerland?

Switzerland is home to a high quantity of rich farmland and has a long tradition of farming. According to

The demand for CBD has given Swiss farmers a new cash crop. Many are now using their farming experience and knowledge to produce high quality hemp crops.

Sarah’s Blessing offers a variety of CBD products, including:

It also bears mentioning that Sarah’s Blessing’s CBD Oil products use a special sublingual delivery system that ensures you absorb maximum CBD and thus receive maximum benefits from the CBD.

One more thing to look for when trying to determine if a company is a producer of good CBD products or bad ones is the company’s testimonials.

Company’s Testimonials Back Up the High Quality of Its Products

Sarah’s Blessing excels in the testimonial area as well. The company has generated a massive amount of positive testimonials online and on social media.

Here are a couple of examples:

Lindy P. says: “I used to have such a high level of anxiety that it made it nearly impossible for me to function out ‘in the real world.’ It was hard to go anywhere. It was hard to stay in a job. It was hard to have a relationship. After trying a lot of CBD products that didn’t work I tried the 9% CBD Oil from Sarah’s Blessing and I could tell the difference right away. I feel so much more relaxed now. I don’t go ‘flying off the handle’ at the littlest thing like I used to. Now I’m living a much more normal life and I’m so much happier and it’s all thanks to Sarah’s Blessing CBD Oil.”

Trae M. says CBD from Sarah’s Blessing has really helped him with his chronic back pain. “In my 20s I was working in a factory and absolutely wrecked my back trying to lift a box of supplies that I thought was lighter than it actually was. I severely herniated my disc and was in an almost constant state of pain afterwards. It was horrible. I tried surgery, prescription medication, anything and everything. But nothing worked. I finally tried the CBD Oil from Sarah’s Blessing and was amazed by the relief I experienced. I’m able to sleep all the way through the night without my back pain flaring up and waking me up. I can also live a somewhat normal life and do normal things without back pain. I owe so much to Sarah’s Blessing, its CBD products are the best.”

Ready to Write Your Own CBD Success Story?

Visit now to get your CBD from Sarah’s Blessing. You are sure to love the quality as well as the beneficial effects of the company’s CBD products, which include oil, candy, cream and tea.


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