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Is Breastmilk the Human CBD?

Cannabidiol - more casually known as CBD - has been known as one of the most controversial substances in modern society. Today, CBD is legal in all 50 states under federal law, but its sale, purchase, and marketing are governed by incredibly strict regulations that make it difficult to distribute and acquire.

The reason for the heavy impositions are mostly due to the fact that the FDA doesn’t fully acknowledge the benefits of CBD for people’s health, especially because it typically comes hand in hand with THC - another substance that’s banned for its psychoactive effects. So until there’s enough research supporting the idea that CBD’s benefits outweigh its potential risks, then it might continue to be heavily regulated for the foreseeable future.

Is Breastmilk the Human CBD?

While the plight towards learning more about CBD has been progressing at a steady pace since the 1940s, recent studies have surprised experts with a single piece of information that might change the way we see CBD and finally make it more accessible to the general public. It might just exist in human breastmilk.

Making the Connection - CBD and Human Breastmilk

Because of the controversial nature of CBD, very few would believe that it exists in the very sustenance we recommend for the youngest of our society - breastmilk. But research has actually found that unlikely reality to be true! Studies have found that human breastmilk actually contains endocannabinoids which interact with cannabinoid receptors which humans are born with.

Is Breastmilk the Human CBD?

A study conducted in 2004 found that babies develop their cannabinoid receptors as early as 14 weeks gestation. This led to the assumption that endocannabinoids and their receptors play a pivotal role in both prenatal and post-natal development. Further studies suggested that their purpose might be to linked to hunger and appetite. For instance, the most abundant cannabinoid found in breastmilk - called 2-arachidonoylglycerol helps regulate a baby’s hunger and stimulates the sucking response. It’s because of this that breastfed babies are able to establish much healthier feeding habits compared to their formula fed peers, and is one of the reasons why breastmilk is preferred over formula milk.

But the importance stretches further than that. The cannabinoids in breastmilk are also important in optimizing a baby’s health and wellness. Breastmilk is known to provide babies vital compounds that keep them protected against illness and infection during their first few years. These antibiotic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory benefits of breastmilk are largely attributed to the cannabinoids they contain, especially because CBD is also known to produce similar effects in grown adults.

Breastmilk and CBD in Combating Disease

It has long been believed that breastmilk is the best nutrition for babies for its antibacterial, immune-boosting, and antioxidant effects, to name a few. But informal surveys are now showing that breastmilk might not only be best for babies, but for some adults, too.

There are no national figures that can encapsulate the benefits of breastmilk for adult use, but there are countless surveys and informal studies that have been conducted on breastmilk banks that might just shed some light on the benefits of this liquid gold for adult patients.

Many grown individuals have incorporated breastmilk into their treatment plan to ease the side effects of chemotherapy, improve their immune response, and support healthy digestion. What’s more, these adults aren’t self-medicating - they can only acquire their breastmilk through a valid doctor’s prescription. Which goes to show that even medical professionals acknowledge the advantages of breastmilk for adults.

Is Breastmilk the Human CBD?

Unfortunately, the studies to support these benefits have yet to be published. But earlier research from the mid-90’s suggests that certain components in breastmilk can be so strong that they’re able to destroy cancer cells. The way by which this works is unclear, but many experts link the potent medicinal effects of breastmilk to CBD.

CBD has been recently accepted as an adjunct treatment for different types of cancer - among many other conditions - and the outcomes have been promising so far. If it so happens that breastmilk can destroy cancer cells, then the reason for its efficacy against combating the deadly disease could lie in the fact that it contains CBD.

On the other hand, breastmilk has commonly been used in most cultures to treat a variety of different types of infections- from eye infections, to cuts and bruises, and even sore throats. In human babies, breastmilk works as an immune system buffer, which is why breastfed babies are unlikely to suffer from viral and bacterial infections in their early years.

Coincidentally, very recent studies have found that CBD might just be the next new super antibiotic that our population needs to combat the worsening strength of drug resistant bacteria. Research has found that CBD can be an effective remedy against a variety of strains of bacteria, further strengthening the correlation between its benefits and the effects of breastmilk.

Sarah’s Blessing - Connecting the Wonders of Breastmilk to CBD

Inspired by the Biblical story of Sarah who was barren for 90 years before being blessed with a child she named Isaac, Sarah’s Blessing has one goal - to make relief from pain and suffering accessible to those who might experience it.

Is Breastmilk the Human CBD?

Sarah’s Blessing offers a range of natural CBD products which go through rigorous quality control processes to guarantee optimal outcomes. Each product contains full-spectrum CBD to preserve the whole benefits of the plant, as well as less than 0.2% THC to ensure a safe and comfortable experience, free from psycho-active effects.

Natural and organic, the products at Sarah’s Blessing were inspired by the potent nutritional and health benefits of breastmilk. Owing many of its effects to the natural CBD present in its chemical composition, breastmilk protects babies from a range of health problems. In the same way, the use of CBD in adulthood could protect against and remedy a range of ailments, making it a suitable, all-natural solution for supporting optimal health.


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