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5 Tips to Live Longer … Warning: #5 May Shock You!

Everybody wants to live longer … well, here are 10 tips you can start following to increase your chances for living a longer lifespan.

If nothing else, be sure to check out #10 below, this one tip alone can make the biggest difference and increase your chances for living longer the most!

Tip #1 – Pass the Salt

It is commonly believed that most people consume too much table salt and also processed, refined foods are loaded with it. Eating too much table salt can cause high blood pressure and lead to other health problems.

For this reason, most conventional doctors recommend cutting back on salt. But is this wise? Actually, low-salt diets increase the likelihood of heart disease, hypertension, cognitive decline, osteoporosis, insulin resistance and erectile dysfunction.

The problem is not eating salt but eating processed salt which is devoid of the full spectrum of minerals and other nutrients that protect and enhance your health. Natural salt, like Himalayan salt, contains 84 minerals and trace minerals, including iodine! Use this liberally in your foods.

Tip #2 – Practice Food Combining

Food combining is based on the theory that different food groups have different digestion times and require different digestive chemistry.

For instance, protein foods require a highly acidic environment for digestion while carbohydrates (starches, fruit and sugars) and fats require a more alkaline medium.

If we mix foods together that require opposite conditions for digestion, like protein and carbs, they neutralize each other, slowing digestion and causing indigestion and fermentation.

If we eat these foods separately, the belief is that they will digest better and exit the body more quickly while giving us the most nutrients.

How strictly you adhere to food combining is individual and will depend largely on how easily you digest food. If you have digestive problems like gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, or fatigue after a meal and other digestive woes, the food is putrefying and fermenting in your system. Food combining can improve digestion.

Tip #3 – Sit Down to Eat & Eat Slower

You should start eating all meals sitting at a table and in a relaxed atmosphere. Never eat in front of TV or computer because you can go into a trance and eat unconsciously.

When eating, also be sure to eat slowly, chew thoroughly and taste your food. Savor the varying textures and varying tastes as you pass the food over your tongue. Woofing down your food makes you unaware of the sensory pleasures of your food and strains your stomach and intestines, creating indigestion, bloating or cramps.

More eating tips:

Tip #4 – Practice Food Safety & Shop Wisely

Tip #5 – Start Taking CBD Regularly!

This tip may surprise you but quite frankly it is one of the best things you can do to ensure good health and a longer life.

In fact, a new study on the long-term effects of Cannabidiol (CBD), found that ”CBD extended mean lifespan up to 18 percent and increased late-stage life activity by up to 206 percent compared to the untreated controls within the study.”

Researchers said that in the study “CBD did not demonstrate any degree of acute or life-long toxicity or related liabilities at physiological concentrations” and “the absence of long-term toxicity gives us the evidence we need as an industry to continue researching the potential health benefits for the broader application of CBD.”

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