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How to Relieve Nausea With CBD

Nausea is more than annoying; it affects your nutritional intake, which in turn affects your nutrient status.

You may be wondering what causes nausea and the feeling you are going to throw up. Here’s a list of some of the causes of this unwanted condition:

The feeling of nausea starts either in the throat, chest or stomach. The body prepares to vomit with this feeling. Dizziness may accompany it if you have vertigo. You also don’t feel like eating anything when you have nausea.

When to Seek Medical Attention for Nausea

If you get nausea with any of the following symptoms, you should seek medical attention:

Most nausea is not considered a serious illness although it may feel as if you’re going to die!

So How Can You Get Rid of Nausea?

Here are some tips:

1. Clean Up Your Diet and Eat Healthy

Many people will tell you to take a cup of ginger tea or chamomile tea if you have nausea, but the honest-to-God truth is that all you’re doing is putting a band aid on the nausea with these remedies.

You must get down to the root cause of the nausea – and it is often your diet. By cleaning up your diet, you can also remove the nausea.

And as for best foods to eat, you’ll need a super healthy diet, which means plenty of greens, fruits, a handful of nuts, plenty of protein, a few servings of dairy products, and healthy fats. Grains are optional as many people are sensitive to them and don’t even know it.

Here’s a short list of some of the best foods to include:

What kinds of foods and beverages should you eliminate from your diet? Here’s a list:

Now this list may be most of your present diet! But really, if you’re eating these foods, it’s contributing to you ending up with a lot more than nausea during your period. You’re headed right for immune system dysfunction, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, dental cavities, cancer, and other degenerative disorders.

2. Colon Cleanse

A common cause of nausea is when your colon and/or liver are backed up. That’s because what can’t go down must come up, or feel like it has to come up. And if no additional food can go down, then your body’s message is to make you feel nauseated so you won’t overwhelm yourself with toxins or foods you can’t handle.

That’s a concept many medical doctors don’t understand, so they’ll continue prescribing nausea medication and continue telling you to eat. All this does is suppress the symptom of nausea before your period, and may even cause diarrhea. Although you may get nausea relief from a medication, you won’t get permanent relief and the problem will return until you take care of it as you should.

Herbal medicine would start with a colon cleanse, or in a nausea emergency, a colonic. This will move some of the contents of the colon out of the colon, allowing you to eat more food.

3. Liver Cleanse

An anti nausea herbal remedy for the liver may contain artichoke, milk thistle, Oregon grape root, bearberry, aloe vera, chanca piedra, or other herbs that help the cells of the liver clean themselves out. It also comes in capsules and/or tinctures that may be added to water.

Tinctures may be added to hot water to make an herbal tea out of them. A liver cleanse is taken at the end of a meal, one to two capsules per meal. Usually someone is on the colon cleanse for about a week before adding the liver cleanse. Both formulas are taken for six weeks.

What to Take for Nausea

For immediate relief of nausea, it turns out one of the best things you can take is CBD, or Cannabidiol.

Several studies have shown that CBD may help stop nausea by interacting with your body’s serotonin receptors.

Serotonin plays a major role in how you feel, including your mood and sense of well-being as well as feelings of nausea.

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