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Nevada Vets First in US to Gain Approval to Treat Dogs With CBD!

A new Nevada law that took effect on October 1 grants veterinarians in the state permission to treat animals with cannabinoids, including CBD.

Under the new law, the vets can use CBD that contains less than 0.3% THC to treat animals, including dogs and cats, without fear of sanction from the state licensing board.

Prior to the law’s passage, vets could be sanctioned for administering CBD treatment.

The law follows in the wake of recent promising research on using CBD to treat epilepsy in dogs.

Nevada assemblyman Steve Yeager said: “I certainly hope that other states follow Nevada’s lead and provide reassurances to licensed veterinarians that they can administer CBD or talk about it with patients without fear of facing disciplinary proceedings.”

In addition to epilepsy, CBD is thought to help calm stressed dogs, which could help with a number of stress-related behavioral issues such as the following:

Jumping on People

As you can imagine, dogs like to jump up and down, and they like to jump up and down on people. This behavior is cute while they are little puppies or even in a small breed dog, but this can be dangerous if not corrected.

For one, not everyone is a dog lover; therefore, jumping on them would not be acceptable.

Two, as the dog becomes larger and heavier, they can potentially knock someone over, causing harm.

Thirdly, they could jump up on a child. This is not to be taken lightly; jumping up on a child could cause serious harm.

Whether an adult or child, hurt or not, this behavior could result in a lawsuit, and you don’t want that.

CBD could help calm an overactive, excited dog who likes to jump, helping to prevent the behavior.

Other tips for eliminating jumping on people include:

The best time to train your dog not to jump up on people is when the dog is still young and preferably in the puppy stage.

Once the dog is allowed to jump up on people, the behavior becomes a habit, and we all know habits are hard to break.

When they attempt to jump, put their little feet back on the floor in a firm but gentle manner.

Remember to reward and encourage the dog as they continue to obey. When you encourage your dog, it’s best to be at eye level. When you give your dog direct contact at their level, they are more apt to take you seriously. Reinforce this training as much as needed.

Whining, Howling, and Excessive Barking

This is another common misbehavior of stressed dogs.

This behavior can become an issue especially if you live in an apartment building or a townhome.

Being confronted about your dog barking excessively is not the best way to meet your neighbors.

Again, giving a dog CBD could help them relax and not bark, whine and howl.

Additional tips for stop this behavior include:

Chasing People, Joggers, Bicycles and Cars

Agitated dogs may also chase things that move; whether they see people or wheels, if it’s moving, they generally go after it.

Obviously, this is dangerous for your dog and dangerous for the person being chased. CBD can help reduce this bad behavior. You should also train the dog to not chase.

This training should take place early, while still a puppy if at all possible.

The breed of dog you have will determine how easy this training is. If you have a hunting dog or a herding dog, it’s their nature to chase. That is what he was designed for.

Do not allow your dog to be off his leash if he has not been trained. Keep him leashed when out in a public area. You don’t know what will attract your dog’s attention, and before you know it, he could be off.

When you train your dog, it’s best to find a fenced location, like your backyard. You may also teach your dog inside your home as well. Both places should be a controlled environment.

Now you have the area – let’s find out how to train him from chasing.

First, leash your dog. Take your dog and stand on one side of the room or a hallway or even one side of the yard.

Have a tennis ball and show it to him. Your dog is not allowed to touch the tennis ball. Now take the tennis ball, roll it across the floor or yard, and say your command, “stay.”

This command will tell your dog not to chase the ball. Should your dog go after the ball, as you know he will, say the command “stay” again, and tug the leash firmly.

Do this activity with your dog several times. Do not allow him to touch the tennis ball at any time during the exercise.

Doing so will let him think the command “stay” means he can touch the ball. Do this until he understands what “stay” means. Once you are there, reward and praise your dog for learning his command.

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