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New Research Points to CBD Being a Breakthrough Treatment for COVID-19!

With COVID-19 in the midst of a second wave that has cases spiking around the world, researchers believe they may have some good news in the battle against this deadly virus.

Scientists at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, have found in a study that raised levels of CBD in the body could reduce the adverse effects of the Coronavirus and even help prevent you from catching it.

This is huge news … and a potential safety net for millions concerned about catching COVID-19.

About The Study

The study was conducted by Drs. Olga and Igor Kovalchuk, both professors in the University Lethbridge’s Department of Biological Sciences. The doctors worked in conjunction with researchers from the company Pathway RX.

Study results demonstrate that hemp extracts high in CBD could potentially act as a barrier against the protein that acts as a gateway in certain tissues for COVID-19 to enter host cells by balancing levels of angiotensin-converting enzyme II (ACE2).

The virus can enter the host cells via ACE2 and balancing or reducing the levels of ACE2 in the lung, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, nasal mucosa and testes would reduce the host’s susceptibility to COVID-19 significantly.

In other words, these researchers have determined that a great way to potentially decrease your susceptibility to the Coronavirus is to take CBD!

So What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. There are two types of cannabis plants – hemp and marijuana.

CBD actually has a colorful history. It was the world’s leading medicine for some 5,000 years.

It’s true. In China, India and Egypt — it’s healing power was enjoyed by two-thirds of the world. It was even used by royalty like Queen Victoria, England’s longest-running monarch.

In ancient medicine books, CBD featured prominently as a key herbal remedy.

The oldest forms of medicine — Ayurveda (Indian) and Chinese — prescribed it as a top herb.

And more recently, CBD was America’s No. 1 medicine.

Doctors prescribed it for just about everything you can imagine. Until the early 20th century, it made up HALF of all prescribed medications in America.

What happened in the early 20th Century? Countries, including America, began banning marijuana, that’s what.

But as it turns out, we have now learned that the CBD from hemp, which is legal around the world, is just as good, if not better, than the CBD from marijuana.

So now you don’t have to worry about getting “high” or violating any laws when you take hemp-grown CBD.

Another Great Benefit of CBD is That it Has Been Shown to Boost the Immune System!

This study showed that CBD, or Cannabidiol, interferes with the release of cytokine, which are proteins that are involved in acute and chronic inflammation.

The presence of inflammation weakens the immune system – and it also happens to be the leading cause of disease and illness.

Secondly, CBD has also been shown to be immune-modulating (study, Russo S. op. cit.), which means it plays an integral role in keeping the immune system functioning properly instead of over or under-reacting to threats. For example, diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and HIV/Aids are characterized by an immune system that overreacts and starts attacking healthy cells in the body.

Thirdly, CBD has been shown to relieve stress and anxiety. For example, in the study “Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders” scientists found that “Evidence from human studies strongly supports the potential for CBD as a treatment for anxiety disorders … CBD reduces experimentally induced anxiety in healthy controls, without affecting baseline anxiety levels, and reduces anxiety in patients with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).”

This is important because stress and anxiety have been shown to weaken the immune system, which can make it easier to catch a viral infection like Coronavirus.

So to recap: CBD boosts the immune system, which makes you less susceptible to the Coronavirus, AND it also reduces the virus’s gateway into the body.

That’s Why Taking CBD is One of the Best Things You Can Do Right Now in the Battle Against COVID-19!

So what is the best CBD to take? Factors that can affect the quality of CBD include:

Also, You Should Look for Full Spectrum CBD.

One thing that can make a big difference in the benefits you receive from a CBD product, whether it is hemp derived or marijuana derived, is whether the CBD is full spectrum or isolate.

CBD isolate means a product contains only CBD and no other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant (either hemp or marijuana).

At last count the cannabis plant had over 100 cannabinoids and they all appear to have benefits for the human body.

Full spectrum CBD means that a product’s formula contains CBD along with all the other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

This has been shown to be much more beneficial for users due to something that is called “the entourage effect.”

What is the entourage effect?

It refers to the concept that all the cannabinoids appear to work together to enhance their effects.

In other words, by taking full spectrum CBD you will enjoy all the various other benefits that the other cannabinoids offer and you may also receive enhanced benefits from the CBD due to all the cannabinoids working together.

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