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New Hope For Smokers: Overcome Powerful Nicotine Cravings With … CBD!

For decades nicotine cravings have proved to be a massive obstacle for those seeking to quit smoking.

Now smokers who want to quit have new hope thanks to CBD, or Cannabidiol.

New research from the University of California at San Diego shows that nicotine dependent rats did not exhibit symptoms of nicotine withdrawal when given CBD.

Among the symptoms the rats did NOT show were: increased pain sensitivity and weight gain.

Douglas MacKay, senior vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs for the company CV sciences, which also participated in the study, said: “This study gives us affirmation that we are onto something exciting.”

Mackay went on to tell La Jolla Light that:

“Science grows in increments, and we have already known through animal models that CBD has an anti-withdrawal effect for things like cocaine and alcohol, so they are looking at CBD for other withdrawal symptoms related to other drugs. We also know from receptor models and pre-clinical models that CBD interacts with nicotinic receptors, so this study fills the gap between pre-clinical and animal studies by showing in animals that CBD can reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms.”

Mackay also told La Jolla Light: “CBD blocks inflammation and relaxes your muscles. This will not get you high.”

So What is CBD Exactly?

CBD is a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant that has recently been shown to have a number of positive health effects, including: reduced anxiety, pain relief and more.

CBD is actually extracted from both cannabis plant types – hemp and marijuana. However, hemp has become a more popular source of the compound due to its lack of THC, another common cannabis chemical.

THC is the compound that gets marijuana users high. CBD does not get users high.

The Truth About Nicotine …

Many people spend years believing that they just enjoy smoking, denying the powerful hold that nicotine has on their life.

When you come to the point where you can acknowledge your addiction, you have taken the first step to overcoming it. The next step may then be to start taking CBD to counteract the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

There are many reasons to give up smoking including:

Financial Freedom
Cigarettes are definitely expensive, and it seems like the prices are only going up over time.

Time Freedom
Have you ever thought about how much time you spend smoking every day? This is precious time wasted on cigarettes when you could be spending time with family, getting more accomplished at work, or exercising. If you smoke a pack of cigarettes each day, you end up spending almost an entire month each year on smoking.

Social Freedom
In case you haven’t already noticed, smoking can be a serious hindrance to your social life. Think of all the times you’ve had to excuse yourself to step outside and have a cigarette. What about the dinner parties where you left friends around the table while you stepped out for a smoke?

Mental Freedom
How much of your day is spent obsessing over cigarettes? Most smokers have at least 250 separate occasions each day when they think about cigarettes in some capacity.

More Reasons to Stop Smoking

If you smoke, there are numerous reasons why you should stop. Let’s take a closer look at a few more reasons why you should give up cigarettes.

There are many diseases that have been linked to smoking. Nicotine stresses the heart and causes your blood pressure to spike and stay elevated. Also, the heart suffers immense stress when you smoke, and arteries are prone to blockages, leading to coronary heart disease.

Research also suggests that smoking dulls the ability of the tongue to taste food, and your sense of smell also suffers.

And if you think your smoking habit is only a problem for you, think again. The people around you are also suffering major risks because of your addiction. Research shows that the children of smokers are prone to allergy and asthma problems. These children have reduced immune systems and are sick more often.

When you smoke around your friends and family, they are also inhaling the smoke that comes out of the cigarette. This secondhand smoke is also called ETS (environmental tobacco smoke), and it is poisonous to those who inhale it.

Research shows that ETS causes lung cancer, headache, sore throat, stomach upset, cough, and even eye irritation. When a study was performed on people who had lung cancer, information showed that people working in hospitality jobs that were frequently exposed to secondhand smoke had a major increase in the rates of lung cancer and deadly diseases.

If you are a woman who smokes during pregnancy have an increased risk of miscarriage, growth retardation, and birth defects among their babies.

Even More Reasons to Stop Smoking

Smokers spend a tremendous amount of money supporting their addiction. For the average smoker, they spend $5 per pack of cigarettes, which adds up to $1,825 per year for someone who smokes a pack a day.

At this rate, smoking for just ten years means more than $18,000 spent on cigarettes alone. If you smoke more than a pack each day, the total increases. This also doesn’t include inflation, which is a major factor that can make a huge difference.

The average parent who smokes for 20 years spends nearly $40,000 on cigarettes. If you think about this practically, you are throwing away your child’s college tuition on cigarettes! It is just an unwise decision financially.

The cost of smoking goes further than just the money you spend on cigarettes. You also have to factor in medical costs that the smoker will incur because of their habit. If you experience heart disease, cancer, or even chronic bronchitis, the costs will quickly add up.

The Next Step …

To get CBD to aid you in your quest to stop smoking, visit Sarah’s Blessing’s website here.

Sarah’s Blessing offers a variety of CBD products, including CBD Oil in varying concentrations along CBD containing tea, candy and cream.

All of the company’s CBD is full-spectrum (meaning you get whole plant benefits) and obtained through a unique CO2 extraction process for maximum potency.

One more thing, the company’s CBD comes from the hemp plant and not its cousin the marijuana plant.

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