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Is CBD Safe?

What You Need to Know About the Safety & Efficacy of CBD

Is CBD Safe?

As CBD, or Cannabidiol, continues to explode in popularity more people are wondering if they should take it ...

And one of the biggest concerns of those considering taking CBD is whether it is safe or not.

The good news is that CBD does appear to be safe with few to no side effects for most users. Let’s take a closer look at this trending substance so that you can make a more informed decision about whether or not to start using CBD.

Is CBD Safe?

What is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound that can be extracted from both the marijuana and hemp plants, which are two kinds of cannabis.

The extracted CBD can be added to almost anything including food, drinks, oils, creams, shampoo and much more … the U.S. fast food chain Carl’s Jr. even recently added it to a hamburger for a promotional campaign.

What Does CBD Do?

Researchers are not completely sure of what CBD does once it enters our bodies.

One current theory is that it increases serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that affects a wide variety of human functions including pain, appetite and mood.

Is CBD Safe?

Another theory posits that CBD stops the destruction of endocannabinoids in our bodies. Endocannabinoids help regulate a few different things, the most important of which may be inflammation.

Inflammation when left unchecked can lead to hundreds of different diseases, including diabetes and cancer.

Whether one of these theories is correct … or they both are … or if it is through some other mechanism that hasn’t been discovered yet, CBD appears to do some very good things in the body.

For example, the FDA approved in June 2018 the drug Epidiolex, which is a CBD tincture for the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndromes. These two syndromes are severe childhood seizure disorders.

Is CBD Safe?

Brazilian scientists recently reported CBD reduces anxiety. In a study reported in the American Journal of Psychiatry researchers reported finding that heroin addicts who received CBD experienced significantly reduced heroin cravings.

Also, researchers in London recently reported that in their study patients with a high risk of psychosis who received CBD helped normalize parts of their brain that became dysfunctional during psychotic episodes.

These are just a few of many studies that are being done on CBD. In all, there are over 100 clinical trials on CBD that are under way right now, including a significant study on pain relief that is being done at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in the United States.

Also, it is now reported that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering approving CBD as a dietary supplement and food additive. Many experts believe that approval could come in a year or two.

Is CBD Safe?

So Just How Safe is CBD?

CBD is still a relatively new substance. Because marijuana was illegal for so long not much testing has been done on CBD. That is changing now but the results of the current tests won’t be available for a while.

That means CBD users should proceed with caution. If you want to use CBD, you should carefully follow the usage directions on the label of the product you purchase. Don’t take larger doses.

Another issue concerning the safety of CBD is whether you use CBD from marijuana or hemp. While both are members of the cannabis family, they differ significantly in the risks they pose to users of CBD.

Here’s what you need to know:

CBD from marijuana may also contain high levels of THC, another chemical compound found in cannabis plants. THC is the substance that delivers the high that users get when they smoke or ingest marijuana.

As a result, CBD from marijuana may be illegal in many areas due to its hallucinogenic effects.

Hemp on the other hand must contain levels of THC that are .3% or less. This means users cannot get “high” by ingesting hemp derived CBD. This type of CBD is legal everywhere.

Is CBD Safe?

So to recap: to be safe, users should look for hemp-derived CBD.

Another safety issue concerning CBD is quality control.

Many suppliers use pesticides when growing their hemp plants. Also, many CBD supplements have been found to contain high levels of heavy metals and potentially dangerous microbes.

To combat these issues, you should look for companies with the highest reputations for quality and that feature CBD that is grown in a location that is noted for promoting the highest quality control for hemp. Right now, these locations include Switzerland and the United States.

Switzerland, in particular, has quickly gained a strong reputation for producing high quality hemp-derived CBD.

Is CBD Safe?

One company that uses Switzerland-grown CBD in its products is Sarah’s Blessing (

Sarah’s Blessing offers three types of CBD oil – 3%, 6% and 9%, CBD candy, three flavors of CBD tea and a CBD cream.

Here’s what the company says about its products and what separates it from other CBD providers:

“All our products are of high quality, developed by a team of experts. We only use top ingredients, which we source from our partners who have a strong focus on safety and nature preservation and who provide us with nothing but the best, organic and 100 % natural quality. All our products are thoroughly tested and inspected to provide our customers with nothing but the highest quality products.”

The company also says about potential side effects of CBD products:

“Hemp is considered generally safe, so there should not be any significant side effects of CBD, but we cannot rule them out as it really depends on how your body tolerates and adapts to these dietary supplements. We recommend users consult with their physician before using any dietary supplement, including our organic CBD oil.”

Is CBD Safe?

Additional factors that allow Sarah’s Blessing to stand out in the marketplace are:

To learn much more about Sarah’s Blessing, its CBD products and their safety, visit


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