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Discover 5 Ways CBD Can Boost Your Sex Life!

Could taking CBD be the key to enhancing your sex life? Many experts now say it could be!

That’s right, CBD isn’t just good for relaxation and stress and pain relief, it can also spice up your sex life. Before we look at how CBD can help your sex life, let’s look at what CBD is exactly.

Hemp-Derived CBD Has Become the Preferred CBD!

CBD is a cannabinoid that is derived from the cannabis plant. There are two types of cannabis plants – marijuana and hemp.

Due to two main factors – its low concentration of THC and its legal status in most areas – hemp has become the preferred source of CBD around the globe.

Hemp-derived CBD also comes with a number of additional benefits: there is no risk of users getting “high” when ingesting the plant; it has a lower cost due to its more widespread availability; and its safer, recent testing has shown that marijuana products can often contain higher than normal contaminants and pesticide levels!

Now Here are Five Ways Taking CBD Could Improve Your Sex Life:

1. Boost pleasure.
CBD increases anandamide in the body and numerous studies have shown that an increase in anandamide during sex can enhance pleasure.

Taking CBD may also boost confidence and reduce anxiety, both of which could lead to enhanced feelings of pleasure.

2. Reduce Performance Anxiety.
Many men, and women, experience anxiety when it comes to sex. These feelings can limit arousal and affect performance. Taking CBD is a great way to reduce feelings of anxiety and replace them with a state of calmness so that you can perform at your best.

There have been many studies that have shown CBD’s effectiveness for relieving anxiety, including these:

3. Stop Vaginal Pain.
Many women may experience pain in their vagina during sex. CBD can be a great pain reliever and preventer.

Taking CBD before sex could also help reduce inflammation and help women and men feel better.

In other words, CBD, which is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant, may indeed be well worth taking for your any type of pain!

Plus, CBD is safe, natural and fast acting which can make it a better choice than taking the potentially dangerous medications that are so prevalent today, such as opioids or NSAIDs!

4. Increased Arousal.
According to experts, CBD can increase blood flow to the sexual organs resulting in heightened sexual arousal as well as an increase in orgasm intensity.

5. Improve Erectile Dysfunction.
CBD usage may also help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). CBD is thought to dilate the blood vessels and promote healthier blood flow and circulation.

The Problem With Many CBD Products is Quality

Many providers, in an effort to capitalize on the CBD trend and make as much money as possible, offer formulas with cheaper, poor quality CBD or formulas that contain less CBD than advertised.

To avoid this issue, look for highly respected CBD providers like Sarah’s Blessing of London.

Sarah’s Blessing offers CBD products that are formulated, tested and certified for quality, purity and safety.

In fact, the company’s internal quality team works to verify that every single component in its products meets or exceeds industry best practices.

It obtains its CBD from hemp in Switzerland where it is grown without fertilizers or pesticides.

Sarah’s Blessing also uses the industry’s latest encapsulation and production technologies to ensure the highest product quality.

The Bottom Line on Using CBD for Better Sex

Studies indicate that CBD may be an effective pain and anxiety reliever – provided users obtain high quality CBD like that offered by Sarah’s Blessing.

That means that if you are not happy with your current sex life or you want to take it to a new level you now have a choice:

You can do nothing and continue with sex as you now know it ...

Or you can try CBD oil, lotion, tea or another product produced by Sarah’s Blessing and start to experience the very real differences this product can make in your sex life and your comfort and happiness.

Sarah’s Blessing offers 3%, 6% and 9% CBD oils – and the CBD in each is obtained by using a state-of-the-art CO2 extraction process that preserves maximum potency.

So take a minute to think about the best sex you have ever had. Think about how great you felt both during and after. Now think about being able to replicate, or even surpass, that sexual experience thanks to CBD.

Remember, great lovers are made, not born. To become a great lover, you need your body working optimally which is what CBD helps it do.

To learn more about Sarah’s Blessing and its CBD products, click here now.


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