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How Switzerland Became Europe’s Leading Producer of High Quality CBD!

As CBD demand continues to soar upward, more and more companies are turning to Switzerland of all places as their CBD source.

How Switzerland Became Europe’s Leading Producer of High Quality CBD!

Why Switzerland?

There are actually several reasons why the country has been able to claim the mantel as Europe’s top producer of high quality CBD.

We’re going to take a look at those reasons in just a moment but first let’s examine what CBD is and why it is in such high demand today.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and it is a chemical compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant, which includes marijuana and hemp.

CBD does not get users high. THC, which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol does that. Marijuana contains higher concentrations of THC while hemp contains much lower concentrations of the chemical.

This is why hemp is legal in numerous countries and marijuana is not. It’s also why producers have turned to the hemp plant as their primary source of CBD.

How Switzerland Became Europe’s Leading Producer of High Quality CBD!

So why is CBD in such high demand today? It has been associated with a number of different health benefits, including: pain relief and reduction of inflammation, stress and anxiety.

For example, a study entitled “Cannabidiol reduces the anxiety induced by simulated public speaking in treatment-naïve social phobia patients” found that subjects who took CBD reported “significantly less anxiety” than those not taking the supplement when they were asked to speak in front of a large audience.

Another study entitled “Transdermal cannabidiol reduces inflammation and pain-related behaviours in a rat model of arthritis” found that CBD supplementation produced a significant drop in inflammation and signs of pain, without additional side effects.

How Switzerland Became Europe’s Leading Producer of High Quality CBD!

All of these CBD health benefits have turned hemp into one of today’s biggest “cash crops.”

In America, farms that grow hemp are seeing demand and their profits soar.

For example, CNN recently reported that Blue Forest Farms, which used to grow hundreds of acres of kale, squash and pumpkins, has since switched its focus to a different cash crop: hemp.

CNN goes on to say that the farm, which is located in Erie, Colorado, has dedicated 150 acres to growing hemp so far -- and it's still planting. "We're now expanding it to 1,000 acres," said McKenzie Mann, Blue Forest's production manager, told CNN.

About 500 acres will come from land previously used to grow kale and squash.

The truth is farmers across the United States have been rushing into hemp ever since President Donald Trump signed the Farm Bill into law in December, CNN reports. The legislation removed hemp from the government's controlled drug category, triggering a surge in demand for cannabidiol, or CBD, a chemical that is derived from hemp and marijuana plants.

This same type of growth is happening to farms in Europe as well. But nowhere is that growth happening faster than in Switzerland, which has quickly become known for producing high quality hemp.

How Switzerland Became Europe’s Leading Producer of High Quality CBD!

How Switzerland Became a Popular “Go-To” Source for CBD

One big reason for Switzerland’s exploding popularity as a CBD producer is that the country was an early adopter of the chemical.

The truth is Switzerland has been one of the most forward-thinking countries when it comes to the medical potential of CBD.

That forward thinking posture has enabled the country to move quickly on passage of important CBD legislation and the passage of that legislation has acted as an important catalyst for farmers to start growing hemp for CBD production.

Another big reason for Switzerland‘s popularity as a CBD producer is that the country’s farmers aren’t just producing “any, old, regular” hemp, they are producing hemp that establishes new levels of quality when it comes to CBD content.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

One reason is that Switzerland as a country and its residents are not afraid to innovate and try different things.

Another reason is that Switzerland is home to a high quantity of rich farmland and has a long tradition of farming.

How Switzerland Became Europe’s Leading Producer of High Quality CBD!

According to

But indications are that number could be growing fast as increased demand for CBD is enticing many Swiss farmers to begin growing the crop.

Finally, here’s one more reason why Switzerland has become a hot bed for CBD production:

The production of hemp was legalized in the country in August of 2016. Right now, hemp cultivation is legal in Switzerland as long as the plant does not exceed the legal threshold of 1% THC.

That means a CBD cultivation license in Switzerland is not needed. In theory, anyone in the country can grow their own CBD.

There is one more factor that has contributed to the rise of Switzerland as a top CBD producer – it is legal to ship CBD from the country to the rest of Europe as long as the shipping destination considers CBD (Cannabidiol) to be legal.

How Switzerland Became Europe’s Leading Producer of High Quality CBD!

So Where Can You Find CBD Grown in Switzerland?

One major user of high quality Swiss-grown CBD is Sarah’s Blessing. Located online at, the company offers a variety of CBD products that contain CBD from hemp grown in Switzerland.

The company’s products include:

The company’s CBD products all feature full-spectrum CBD, which means users get whole plant benefits.

Additional product features include CO2 extraction which is supercritical for maximum CBD potency; less than 0.2% THC so there is no unwanted psychoactive effects; and 100% natural and organic with no pesticides or chemicals used.

To learn much more about Sarah’s Blessing and its available CBD products, please click here.


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