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Top 10 Surprising Celebrities That Use CBD Oil

Being a celebrity is stressful. Performing to world-class standard, whilst putting up with constant scrutiny in the public eye, would put enormous pressure on anyone – even the hardiest. That’s why it’s perhaps no surprise that in the past few years, CBD oil has attracted a range of famous users and endorsers from across both the celebrity and sporting worlds!

CBD has become increasingly known as the go-to remedy to help with a wide range of maladies, from schizophrenia through to muscular aches. It’s known to reduce anxiety and induce deep states of relaxation, not to mention the impact on key body functions including – both physical and psychological.

How many of the celebs below did you know were using hemp oil?

Mike Tyson

Top 10 Surprising Celebrities That Use CBD Oil

Respected (and feared) during his time as a knock out artist in the ring, and for his wild antics outside of it, “Iron Mike” has since mellowed and become a vocal advocate for not just CBD but the healing properties of cannabinoids in general. Most notably, in a recent interview the former heavyweight champ described CBD as a “miracle oil” and has also described the wide range of issues, both physical and mental, it has helped him overcome.

Here he is discussing it on The Church of What’s Happening Now podcast:

Kim Kardashian-West

Top 10 Surprising Celebrities That Use CBD Oil

In and amongst the time she spends on her businesses, her modelling, and trips to the White House, this mega influencer has turned her hand to CBD, even holding a CBD-themed baby shower for her fourth child. The event was all about inducing relaxation - something any mother understands the need for! Guests used CBD oil, made their own CBD products, and even took part in a group session sound bath. “Lets zen out for a Saturday”, Kardashian-West said as the group settled onto their yoga mats, “so everyone have a puff and put some oil on”.

Brendan Schaub

Top 10 Surprising Celebrities That Use CBD Oil

Former football player, UFC fighter, and recently turned stand-up comedian sensation, Brendan Schaub has advocated heavily for the uses of CBD - not for himself, but for his son who has epilepsy. Advised by doctors to give his son a laundry list of various medications, Schaub was counselled by mothers’ forums to avoid these, and that these medications would change his son irreversibly. He instead opted to give his son CBD, stating that since starting that treatment his son has been “seizure-free”.

Whoopi Goldberg

Top 10 Surprising Celebrities That Use CBD Oil

The Academy and Grammy award winning actress, comedian, and host of The View is not known to shy away from taking a stand and making her viewpoint known. She has been a longstanding advocate, not just for CBD based remedies, but for medical cannabis and its uses specifically for women. In 2018 she published an op-ed piece in the Orange County Register, in which she said she wanted to get the world out that there were “holistic and therapeutic ways” for women “to mitigate the pain of our natural cycles”. Her brand Whoopi and Maya produces and distributes a wide range of medical marijuana products in the US, including CBD oils designed to help relieve period pains.

Jennifer Anniston

Top 10 Surprising Celebrities That Use CBD Oil

The actress and media personality is known around the world not just for roles as Rachel in Friends, but for also being the target of the insatiable hoard of photographers and paparazzi. It’s not surprising therefore that she finds uses for CBD in treating pain, stress, and anxiety, telling US Weekly ‘it has all the benefits of marijuana without the high’.

Olivia Wilde

Top 10 Surprising Celebrities That Use CBD Oil

Similarly to Anniston, actress Olivia Wilde has spoken out about her uses of CBD to combat stress and get in touch with something pure, describing the extract as an “extraordinarily effective natural alternative to so many different medications”.

Joe Rogan (and Ted Nugent)

Top 10 Surprising Celebrities That Use CBD Oil

Maybe better known for his love of UFC, THC, along with all things bowhunting and elk related, the outspoken stand-up and podcaster has heavily advocated for the uses of CBD oil. Several times during both his podcast and on-stage appearances, he has labelled it a “radical inflammation fighter” and has stated it’s a far preferable option for a sleep aid over more commonly used drugs, such as Ambien. He has also made claims that he even helped “get Ted Nugent into it”, to help the singer and activist with a knee injury.

Here he is discussing CBD and anxiety with race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr!

Michael J Fox

Top 10 Surprising Celebrities That Use CBD Oil

Fox, a long-time sufferer of Parkinson’s disease, has made news recently for using various cannabinoids to help treat his condition. On top of the beloved actor’s own use of CBD to treat his condition, the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research has stated that, “future studies should be large and well designed to provide clear data on the safety and efficacy of marijuana and cannabinoids in Parkinson's.”

TJ Dillashaw

Top 10 Surprising Celebrities That Use CBD Oil

Dillashaw and numerous other professional MMA fighters have spoken out about the uses of CBD. While the product still may be in a grey area when it comes to the league’s drug testing policies, the anti-inflammatory products and benefits of the oil specifically for fighters are undeniable. In 2018, Dillashaw also became an “official Green Roads Athlete” having been “a long time user of their products”.

Seth Rogen

Top 10 Surprising Celebrities That Use CBD Oil

Seth Rogen advocating for anything marijuana related is hardly a surprise, however, in 2014 Rogen made a humorous and emotive appearance before the United States Congress advocating for further action and support be given to sufferers of Alzheimer’s, citing the case of his mother-in-law being diagnosed with the condition and the various trials his family had gone through to help her cope. He and his wife’s foundation, Hilarity for Charity, advocates for awareness and a dialogue on Alzheimer’s, as well as funding research into the applications of CBD to help alleviate the condition. The charity has also recently been behind the creation of a film of the same name to better document it’s activities.

Watch his testimony:


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