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Why Are So Many Women Using CBD?

Many of the health benefits associated with CBD would appear likely to appeal to women … and it seems to be the case that they do.

In a recent survey conducted by natural health product review site Remedy Review, 1,000 women were surveyed about their CBD use and among the findings were:

Common benefits associated with CBD include anxiety relief, relaxation, pain relief and better sleep.

For women, the benefits may go even further. Additional benefits of CBD may include easing hot flashes, improving bone density, balancing hormonal changes and an anti-inflammatory action that can help clear the skin, reduce acne and calm rosacea.

CBD has also been associated with calming numerous symptoms related to a woman’s period, such as bloating and mood swings.

So if you are a woman should you consider using CBD? Let’s take a closer look:

First, What Exactly is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and it is a chemical compound that is found in the cannabis plant. There are two types of cannabis plants – marijuana and hemp. Both contain CBD.

However, using CBD does not get the user high. A different ingredient in marijuana, THC, is responsible for getting people “high.”

CBD has been associated with a number of health benefits, many of which we mentioned above. It is typically made available in oils, powders, pills and tinctures though it is also available in lotions and candy and other edibles. CBD can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed through the skin.

Does CBD Work?

In the past, laws against the use of marijuana made CBD difficult to study. But as CBD has gained popularity more and more studies are now being performed.

Are CBD Products Safe for Women to Take?

The good news is CBD appears to be safe for most women. No serious side effects have been reported.

Of course, CBD is not regulated which means there can be large variations in quality – and possibly safety – depending upon whom you receive your CBD from.

For example, in 2017-2018 counterfeit CBD oil containing synthetic cannabinoids was found in Utah in the United States. In that incident, more than 50 people were sickened and one person died.

In other words, women should be very careful to select a reputable, high quality CBD provider.

An example of one company that has established a pristine reputation in the CBD marketplace is Sarah’s Blessing.

Located in London, Sarah’s Blessing offers three types of CBD Oil, 3 flavors of CBD tea and CBD lotion and CBD candy.

A Few Women’s Own CBD Stories …

Veronica reports that she uses the 6% CBD Oil from Sarah’s Blessing regularly and has noticed a significant decrease in her anxiety level.

“I used to be very stressed out and worried but now I find that I am much better able to cope with stressful events and I’m no longer finding stress where there shouldn’t be any,” she said. “I used to be very bad about worrying about things that I shouldn’t be worried about. Now I’m calmer.”

Andrea says she uses CBD for her periods and that it has helped make them much more manageable.

“I had really strong periods with cramps and bloating. It was really bad but since I started taking CBD my symptoms have decreased significantly. My period used to really disrupt my life but now it is something that I have no problem dealing with.”

Users also report that CBD is effective as a pain reliever. Brianna says that CBD helped relieve her chronic headaches and back pain.

“I don’t know which was worse – my back pain or my frequent headache pain. I was involved in a serious car accident about a year ago and I really messed up by back and I also started getting frequent headaches. Since I started taking CBD the frequency of the pain and the intensity of the pain are very much reduced. I’m so thankful for CBD.”

Another area where CBD is thought to help women is during menopause. Diane, who is 55, says that taking CBD has been very beneficial for her.

“I was having hot flashes that made it very difficult to sleep at night but CBD has reduced those and also helped me sleep much better. I find that I don’t wake up as often at night and that I’m getting much more restful sleep. The bottom line is I feel much better and much more energetic thanks to CBD.”

Interested in Trying CBD for Yourself?

You can find Sarah’s Blessing online at The company offers cold-pressed and unrefined CBD oil to help ensure its effectiveness.

Plus, the company’s CBD is organically grown and harvested in Switzerland, which has become a leading provider of hemp-grown CBD. One more thing: the CBD is obtained through a superior CO2 extraction process that helps ensure purity and strength.

Additional benefits associated with Sarah’s Blessing’s CBD Oil is that it features a sublingual delivery system to ensure maximum absorption and maximum benefit for the user.

Don’t let pain, anxiety or period symptoms interfere with our quality of life. CBD products from Sarah’s Blessing may be just what you need to feel better.

Sarah’s Blessing’s CBD is full-spectrum CBD. This is important because it helps ensure you get whole plant benefits.

It also ensures you benefit from “the entourage effect,” which refers to the various cannabinoids in the cannabis plant working together to enhance CBD’s effects in your body.

Click here to learn more or to order CBD from Sarah’s Blessing.


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