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Dating, Stress & CBD Oil for Singles

Singles all over the world have been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 Outbreak – not so much by the virus itself but rather by everything surrounding the virus.

For example, social isolation, which has been a huge focus for the past several months, means that there may be many singles who haven’t been face-to-face or touched another person in weeks or longer.

This lack of human contact can be very difficult for some people to deal with. This, in turn, can then send their stress and anxiety levels soaring.

Coronavirus is Also Changing the Dating Game

Meeting up at a bar or restaurant or coffee house is out and video chats are in.

The “hookup culture” fostered by Tinder and other online apps has fallen by the wayside and been replaced by a return to “wooing” and getting to know someone much better before the kissing starts.

Singles today are being forced to take things much slower – their very health could be at risk if they don’t.

All of this change and isolation has sent stress and anxiety levels for singles soaring.

How Things Have Already Changed for Singles

On the dating scene:

So What Should Singles Who Are Dealing with High Stress & Anxiety Brought by These Uncertain Times Do to Feel Better?

One thing that stressed out singles can do to feel better is to start following a daily mindfulness routine.

Mindfulness refers to a mental state where one focuses on the present moment while calmly acknowledging and accepting their feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations.

A central factor in achieving mindfulness is meditation. Taking a little time every morning or at lunch or in the evening or at night to meditate can go a long way in relieving stress and anxiety and helping one better cope with their current situation.

Many people have trouble “quieting their mind” and getting into a meditative state when they first start out. One way to improve at meditation is to take CBD, or Cannabidiol.

What is CBD and What Does it Do?

CBD, which is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant (marijuana and hemp) has been shown to reduce stress and ease anxiety.

Basically, it calms you without producing any unwanted psychoactive feelings. By getting into a calmer state you can then meditate much more effectively.

Instead of your mind racing, you’ll be able to focus in on the present and stop letting thoughts of the past and the future through you off course.

Even singles who do not want to practice mindfulness can benefit from CBD. It can help them feel calmer and more relaxed when loneliness sets in. It can also help them feel less anxious when meeting someone online for the first time or when venturing out into the world where they will have to deal with COVID-19.

Want to Try CBD?

Sarah’s Blessing, a well-respected provider of CBD products, offers three types of CBD oil that can be taken orally via a highly effective sublingual delivery system. The company also offers CBD candy, CBD tea (3 flavors) and CBD cream.

More About the Sublingual Delivery System

A sublingual delivery system like that used in the CBD Oil provided by Sarah’s Blessing has been shown to increase absorption of CBD.

How it works: users are directed to place 1 to 3 drops under their tongue for 60 seconds to ensure increased absorption of CBD.

When compared to tablets, capsules and other typical dosage forms, sublingual absorption has been shown to be faster and more efficient.

Instead of CBD and other beneficial ingredients passing through your intestines undigested, with sublingual delivery, the nutrients are immediately absorbed.

In fact, studies show that blood levels of most products administered sublingually reach their peak within just 10 to 15 minutes of taking the supplement. Again, this is much faster than products that are ingested orally and then must be digested.

Other important factors to consider when buying CBD Oil include:

Cold Pressed & Unrefined

These terms refer to how the oil is processed and the source of the oil – both are very important to the quality of CBD you receive.

Here’s how it works: to get oil out of a plant like cannabis (marijuana and hemp) the plant has to be processed either mechanically (which is unrefined) or with chemicals and heat (which is refined).

Unrefined oils use minimal heat during the process and are not bleached or deodorized after extraction.

Cold pressed means the oil was removed mechanically in a controlled temperature setting.

The bottom line is using heat and processing oils with chemicals can damage the oil and reduce its purity and effectiveness.

By choosing CBD that is cold pressed and unrefined you are ensuring that you are getting the highest quality CBD instead of CBD that has been weakened or damaged.

CO2 Extraction

Another area where many CBD companies run into trouble is in the extraction process. Using a process other than CO2 extraction can result in poorer quality CBD and smaller CBD amounts.

Be sure to look for a provider that uses CO2 extraction – this is a state of the art process that currently yields the best results for CBD providers.

Sarah’s Blessing Offers All of the Above & More to Its Customers!

The company offers CBD products that are 100% natural and organic. The hemp the CBD is taken from is grown in Switzerland with no pesticides or other chemicals.

Sarah’s Blessing currently offers three CBD Oils – a 3% solution for minor conditions, a 6% solution for moderate conditions and a 9% solution for chronic conditions.

Sarah’s Blessing also offers three flavors of CBD tea – lemon verbena and blackberry, fruit mixture and raspberry. The company also makes CBD candy and CBD cream.

To learn more about Sarah’s Blessing and its CBD products, please visit


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