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The extraction process of CBD

The extraction process of CBD

CBD or cannabidiol makes up one of the three primary ingredients found in cannabis plants. After recent studies proved its potential uses, CBD oil has become the center of attention.

High quality CBD is extracted using industrial hemp. It has just the right amount of THC so that it produces no psychotic effects. CBD can be extracted from hemp plants with many different techniques. In general, extracting CBD from hemp is the easiest since the plant contains only and only CBD. Plus, the equipment needed for the process are easy to use as well.

Since quite a large amount of hemp stalks are needed for the production of hemp oil, there is a higher chance of contamination of the toxins present in the plan. This is because hemp has strong bio-accumulator properties because of which it can absorb the toxins present in the soil that it grows in. The main problem is that many hemp oils lack the full spectrum of terpenes as well as other cannabinoids that act synergistically with CBD. To put it simply, consumers will get fewer benefits of the full spectrum oil. However, that being said, some brands conduct rigorous tests to ensure that CBD content, terpenes, as well as other cannabinoids are up to par.

At Sarah’s Blessing, we also provide a certificate of analysis that shows the compounds that are present in the hemp oil. It also shows the concentration of compound present. The extraction process uses a solvent that helps to extract the oil from the hemp stalk. Commercially, there are numerous solvents used, and each of them has its own set of drawbacks and benefits.

Usually, a solvent is needed for the process of extraction. Solvents that are commonly used include olive oil, CO2, and other liquid solvents. At Sarah’s Blessings, we do our best to maintain the quality of the CBD that has been extracted. To do so, we only use the best quality extraction techniques and only high-quality plants.

Continue reading to learn more about the methods that can be used for extracting CBD from the hemp plants.

CO2 extraction of CBD

The extraction of CBD using CO2 is quite critical, yet it is the most efficient as well the safest method of extracting CBD. At the same time, it is expensive as well. Our trained and experienced experts use high-tech and the latest equipment for this process that changes the phase of the CO2 by applying temperature and pressure.

CO2 is compressed and cooled at 1000 PSI for storage purposes. Once the gas is compressed under these extreme conditions, it becomes supercritical. In other words, once CO2 comes under this pressure, it changes into its liquid form. Then once CO2 is compressed, it exists in the liquid and gaseous state at the same time. In the next step, the CO2 is heated up and passed through the hemp plant in a device called the closed loop extractor. As understood by the name, this device helps to extract the oil. Both the temperature and pressure are managed with accuracy to ensure that no harm comes to the hemp’s nutritional content.

After the whole process, what results is high quality CBD that is essentially the purest form of extract available. The extract is transparent and has a light amber shade. This is a full spectrum CBD which is then stored in dark containers so that light or heat doesn’t change the concentration of the chemicals present in the extracts. Our experts continue to use the same process to understand the other chemicals found in hemp and the positive effects they have on the body.

At Sarah’s Blessing, we only use CO2 extraction so that our customers can enjoy an optimal quality of hemp oil products.

Olive oil or ethanol extraction

The FDA has declared ethanol as a safe solvent. When it is available at 16000 ppm, it is safe for human consumption. Ethanol is a good general-purpose solvent as it is present in many items we use in our daily life. It is used as a preservative in many edible items as well and is commonly found in cosmetics. Moreover, it is miscible in water, making it a reliable solvent for extracting hemp. To sum it up, here are some important points of ethanol extraction:

  1. Ethanol is suitable for the full-range CBD extraction from the hemp plant
  2. Despite its many benefits, ethanol extraction does have its potential drawbacks
  3. Since it is water-soluble, it can easily dissolve chlorophyll. As a result, the flavor of the product will be bitter and grassy.
  4. Chlorophyll can be extracted easily; however, the additional process required will incur additional cost thus increasing the cost of production
  5. It has also been found that removing chlorophyll from the extracted CBD reduces the potency of CBD oil as well. For this reason, we avoid this technique so that we can provide our customers with the best quality and highly potent CBD.

Instead of ethanol, another method which is olive oil extraction is preferred. This process is quite simple since the oil is heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, the extract is filtered from the plant. However, the only problem with the resulting extracts is that it is impossible to filter them. As a result, the leaves become less potent so users will need to take a bigger dose to maximize the benefits.

Butane or hexane extraction

This extraction method is also called the Rick Simpsons method. After having an accident at his workplace, he was suffering from tinnitus and dizzy spells, and his treatment was not very effective. After watching a documentary on the benefits that CBD has, he asked the doctors to use CBD for his treatment as well; however, they refused. Tired of his sickness, he started extracting CBD on his own and saw an improvement in his condition after using it.

For this process of CBD extraction, Rick Simpson made use of the following different hydrocarbons:

  1. Butane
  2. Hexane
  3. Pentane
  4. Propane
  5. Acetone

Hydrocarbons generally have a low boiling point which can be purged in the extraction process. In this extraction process, only the purest form of CBD oil is extracted. However, while this process is cheap and easy, it is quite dangerous as it can lead to fires or even explosions. Plus, during the extraction process, it also produces fumes that are flammable.

Find only the very best CBD at Sarah’s Blessings

At Sarah’s Blessing, we only use CO2 extraction since it is the most authentic and reliable extraction technique. Plus, it helps us to extract only pure quality CBD oil that is then stored carefully so that our customers enjoy the best results.

Once the extraction process is complete, our experts test the extracts to ensure they are highly potent and pure and will provide the results that the customers seek. Due to the years of experience, we have with working in the field; we are well-equipped with the knowledge of how the best quality of CBD is extracted.

We only use hemp that we grow in our own gardens. Our experts make use of only the best cultivation techniques so that all our hemp plants turn out to be healthy. We also check the CBD and the nutritional content of the plant. Then, we select only the best plants for the extraction of oil with the others being discarded. Meanwhile, for optimal quality, we properly manage the conditions within the extraction department. Our experts also supervise the whole process so that everything is handled professionally. All in all, you’ll only get the best extracts at Sarah’s Blessings!

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