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CBD Oil Could Be Vital Covid-19 Treatment

As the Coronavirus has swept across the globe causing sickness and death, health officials in many countries have been quick to discount CBD, or Cannabidiol, as a possible treatment.

In fact, back in March, officials said that marijuana and CBD smokers and inhalers were more at risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19.

Now those same officials have spun 180 degrees and are admitting that CBD may just be the ultimate solution for treating and preventing the Coronavirus.

In an article published on July 9 in the respected US newspaper The Chicago Tribune, it is reported that researchers at the University of Nebraska and the Texas Biomedical Research Institute “now believe CBD could reduce the lethal lung inflammation caused by COVID-19.”

The researchers report in a peer-reviewed article that was published in the July issue of Brain, Behavior, and Immunity that more studies into cannabinoids, and especially CBD, are needed. In particular, CBD’s anti-viral and anti-inflammatory capabilities need to be looked at.

In their paper, the researchers wrote: “Unlike THC, CBD has a high margin of safety and is well tolerated pharmacologically even after treatments of up to 1500 mg/day for two weeks in both animals and humans, which suggests its feasibility to reduce SARS-CoV2 induced lung inflammation/pathology and disease severity.”

It’s Important to Keep Your Inflammation Low

Past studies have already shown that CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties without any of the psychoactive characteristics that are associated with another popular cannabinoid – THC.

THC can cause anxiety, an increased heart rate and disorientation. On the other hand, CBD has no major side effects. CBD has also already been FDA-approved for seizure reduction in patients with intractable epilepsy.

Studies like this new one conducted by researchers from the University of Nebraska show that CBD may help prevent and reduce the impact of COVID-19 through inflammation reduction.

Researchers are also now quick to point out that in addition to being anti-inflammatory, CBD has another important benefit in these stressful times – it reduces anxiety.

It’s Also Important to Keep Stress & Anxiety Low

Keeping stress low is important because it can also lead to the development of inflammation. So feeling excessive stress could make a person more susceptible to getting a Coronavirus infection.

Right now, more than any time in recent history, stress is at a very high level. People are worried about their health, about their job, about the economy, about their kids and their grandparents and much, much more. CBD may help you relax.

Already one study showed that CBD helped patients deal with anxiety and stress after recovering from Ebola.

In their paper, the researchers said: “Like Ebola, patients recovering from COVID-19 may experience various psychological and social stressors that may be triggered by residual chronic inflammation and autoimmune reactions. Therefore, randomized clinical trials to test the efficacy of CBD on alleviating anxiety and fear associated with COVID-19 infection and its consequences on people’s physical, social and psychological well-being may be beneficial in the future.”

Ready to experience the benefits of CBD now, instead of waiting for more test results? Here is what you need to know:

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid that is derived from the cannabis plant. There are two types of cannabis plants – marijuana and hemp. There are also two main cannabinoids – THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, and CBD.

THC is the psychoactive chemical compound that gives marijuana users a “high.” CBD, on the other hand, has long been associated with producing a calming effect in users. It does NOT have any psychoactive properties. In other words, CBD use will not make a person feel “high.”

So What is the Best Way to Take CBD?

The first step is to find a producer of CBD that you can trust. Many “scammers” are trying to profit off the popularity of CBD and are producing cheaper, ineffective products to increase their profit margins.

You should look for a CBD provider that has been in business for a while and that has built a strong reputation for providing high quality CBD – a provider like Sarah’s Blessing.

Located at, Sarah’s Blessing offers a wide range of CBD products, including oil, tea, candy and cream.

What Makes CBD from Sarah’s Blessing So Special?

The company organically harvests its CBD from hemp grown in Switzerland, which is known for its quality hemp production. Sarah’s Blessing also uses a superior extraction process to ensure quality and potency of its CBD.

Here is more about Sarah’s Blessing’s CBD Oil:

It Has a Sublingual Delivery System – If you are considering getting a CBD oil that you take orally be sure to look for one that has a sublingual delivery system as this has been shown to increase absorption of CBD. For example, with Sarah’s Blessing’s CBD Oil, users are directed to place 1 to 3 drops under their tongue for 60 seconds to ensure increased absorption of CBD. When compared to tablets, capsules and other typical dosage forms, sublingual absorption has been shown to be faster and more efficient.

It is Cold Pressed & Unrefined – You should look for CBD oil that is “cold pressed and unrefined.” These terms refer to how the oil is processed and the source of the oil – both are very important to the quality of CBD you receive.

It is Obtained Through CO2 Extraction – Another area where many CBD companies run into trouble is in the extraction process. Using a process other than CO2 extraction can result in poorer quality CBD and smaller CBD amounts. Be sure to look for a provider that uses CO2 extraction – this is a state of the art process that currently yields the best results for CBD providers.

Sarah’s Blessing currently offers three CBD Oils – a 3% solution for minor conditions, a 6% solution for moderate conditions and a 9% solution for chronic conditions. It also has, as mentioned previously, CBD tea, cream and candy.

To learn more about Sarah’s Blessing and its CBD products visit today.

Remember, if you feel tense and uptight most of the time you could be damaging your health and making yourself more susceptible to getting the Coronavirus. Protect yourself with CBD from Sarah’s Blessing.

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