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CBD Coronavirus Cure Research

Ever since the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, first appeared in late 2019 scientists have been rushing to find a cure.

Since its debut, the Coronavirus has resulted in 2,710,071 cases of illness and 190,098 deaths around the globe.

It has also caused a global recession and led millions to self-quarantine in their homes.

Nothing in recent memory has disrupted life on such a global scale like the Coronavirus has.

That’s what makes finding a cure so important.

A cure will save lives … it will allow people to return to work … it will ease the current high level of stress and anxiety that so many are feeling today.

So Has Any Progress Toward Finding a Cure Been Made?

Unfortunately, the world’s top scientists have been running into a lot of failure and disappointment during their search for a cure to COVID-19.

However, some exciting news has just been reported in Israel. It turns out the cure for the Coronavirus, which has caused so much death, illness and stress just may be … CBD!

In a recent press release the company InnoCan Pharma announced that it is collaborating with Tel Aviv University in Israel to develop a new revolutionary approach to treat the COVID-19 CoronaVirus with Exosomes-Loaded CBD.

And that’s not the only news coming out of Israel. According to local TV reports, Ichilov Medical Center in Tel Aviv is planning to administer medicinal cannabis to Coronavirus patients in moderate condition, as part of an experimental treatment.

This new study is to investigate whether CBD can slow down the inflammation that leads to the severe health symptoms experienced by some Coronavirus patients.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and it is a chemical substance called a cannabinoid that is found in the cannabis plant.

There are two types of cannabis plants – hemp and marijuana. Both strains of cannabis contain at last count approximately 113 different cannabinoids including two major ones – CBD and THC.

THC, which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical that causes users of marijuana to feel “high.” Marijuana contains more THC than CBD.

Hemp on the other hand contains only trace amounts of THC, so users of hemp will not get high. Hemp contains much more CBD than is typically found in marijuana.

CBD has become wildly popular recently for its perceived health benefits. For example, it is thought to relieve pain as well as stress and anxiety.

What Are the Exosomes That Are Mentioned in the InnoCan – TAU Press Release?

The recent press release from InnoCan and Tel Aviv University indicates that they are small particles that are created when stem cells are multiplied.

Exosomes can act as “homing missiles”, targeting specific damaged organs and play an important role in cell-to-cell communication.

So What Does All of This Mean for Us During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

When the cell healing properties of the exosomes are combined with the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, it is expected to produce a high synergetic effect.

It is hoped that a new, revolutionary exosome-based technology can be created that targets both central nervous system (CNS) indications and the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

The press release says that CBD-Loaded Exosomes hold the potential to provide a highly synergistic effect of anti-inflammatory properties and help in the recovery of infected lung cells.

Under the terms of the Research Agreement signed by InnoCan and Tel Aviv University a team led by Prof. Daniel Offen, a leading researcher specializing in Neuroscience and Exosome technology at the university, will collaborate to develop the cell therapy product, based on Prof. Offen’s work in the field.

The press release says that InnoCan has agreed to fund the research based on agreed milestones, in the aggregate amount of approximately US $450,000 for the first stage.

That is certainly exciting news but it may take a while for the scientists to create the new technology.

In the meantime if you would like to benefit from the anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD – Sarah’s Blessing offers a range of high quality CBD products.

Benefit from Anti-Inflammatory CBD

Researchers now believe that CBD binds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors in our endocannabinoid system.

By binding with these receptors, preliminary research has shown that CBD may help reduce inflammation.

This is important because inflammation is now thought to be the leading cause of illness in humans. It can lead to cancer, diabetes and other serious illnesses. It is also thought to weaken the immune system which can make us more susceptible to the Coronavirus.

The key to benefiting from CBD is to find a reputable provider. Many CBD companies today offer cheap quality CBD or they may offer formulas that don’t contain as much CBD as stated on their bottles.

One company renowned for providing high quality CBD is Sarah’s Blessing of London.

Ensure You Get the Best CBD

Sarah’s Blessing uses CBD that is obtained from hemp grown organically in Switzerland.

Sarah’s Blessing also uses cutting-edge CO2 extraction technology to ensure the purity of its CBD, which is also cold-pressed and unrefined to further protect its strength.

One more thing: Sarah’s Blessing uses full, or broad, spectrum CBD. This is important because it allows users to benefit from the other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. It has also been shown that the cannbinoids work together to enhance the effect of CBD so users get even greater health benefits.

Sarah’s Blessing currently offers CBD oil (3 concentrations), CBD tea (3 flavors), CBD candy and CBD cream among other products.

To learn much more about Sarah’s Blessing’s CBD products and how they can benefit your health, visit today.


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