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New Research Into CBD and Coronavirus

Augusta University researchers in the United States have determined that Cannabidiol, or CBD, appears to reduce a problem that is directly responsible for the deaths of many patients who contract COVID-19.

The study, which was just published in the Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research journal, uncovered early evidence that CBD helps patients avoid mechanical ventilation and death from a condition known as “acute respiratory distress syndrome” (ARDS).

It is this syndrome, specifically, that is a major killer in those who come down with severe cases of respiratory viral infections, including COVID-19.

What Happens & How CBD Helps

Researchers explain that a major problem with COVID-19 is that the immune systems of those infected “overreact.” This over-the-top reaction instead of just killing the Coronavirus can quickly disable the lungs and ultimately cause death.

It is the number one reason people are dying in such high numbers from the Coronavirus. Mechanical ventilators can be used to take over vital breathing functions and enable critically ill people to have more energy to fight the infection.

However, current evidence shows that as many as 50% of the patients who get to the point of mechanical ventilation don’t survive.

The study’s corresponding author Dr. Babak Baban, immunologist and interim associate dean for research at the Dental College of Georgia, said: “We have an urgent need for better intervention and treatment strategies.”

This is Where CBD Comes in to Play

Laboratory studies have indicated that CBD can help the lungs recover from intense inflammation such as that caused by COVID-19.

In the Augusta University study, which was an animal study using mice, test subjects saw their oxygen levels go up while their temperatures and inflammation went down when given CBD therapy.

Researchers now believe that CBD may help calm the immune system because it looks and acts similar to endocannabinoids, where are a natural cell-signaling system in our body. This system is involved in a number of bodily functions – from sleep to reproduction to inflammation to immune response.

What Happened in the Study …

The subjects were given a treatment called Poly (I:C) to artificially induce ARDS, which, again, is the very same condition that those with severe COVID-19 often develop.

The mice with the condition saw their blood oxygen saturation reduced by 10% and even suffered structural damage in their lungs.

They were then given CBD treatment, which the researchers reported totally or at least partially reversed their condition and returned their lungs to a normal condition.

This Study is Just Another Reason Why Those “in the Know” Are Turning to CBD to Boost Their Health in These Difficult Times

As more and more study results are reported, CBD is emerging as a prime weapon in the war against COVID-19. Of course, more research is needed to both validate the treatment method and to determine when and how CBD is best administered.

But those seeking every edge they can get as Coronavirus continues to sweep across the country may want to take a moment and seriously weigh the benefits of taking CBD versus the risks.

The Benefits of CBD

Besides being shown in more and more studies to have potential beneficial effects for those suffering from ARDS and other cases of severe inflammation, CBD is also believed to have a number of other health benefits. For example:

The Risks of CBD

The good news is that CBD does appear to be safe with few to no side effects for most users.

Please keep in mind, however, that CBD is still a relatively new substance. Because marijuana was illegal for so long not much testing has been done on CBD. That is changing now but the results of the current tests won’t be available for a while.

That means CBD potential users should proceed with caution.

If you want to use CBD, you should carefully follow the usage directions on the label of the product you purchase. You should also be sure to purchase your CBD from a reputable provider.

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