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FAQs – Sarah's Blessing – Full Info on Our Products

Where can I find instructions for use?

Please have a look at the relevant product page. You will find all product information there (ingredients, benefits, directions for use and supplement facts). Didn’t find the answer to your questions on our product pages? Then please contact our Customer Service Team. They will gladly help you further with any product question you might have.

Are your products safe?

All our products are of high quality, developed by a team of experts. We only use top ingredients, which we source from our partners who have a strong focus on safety and nature preservation and who provide us with nothing but the best, organic and 100 % natural quality. All our products are thoroughly tested and inspected to provide our customers with nothing but the highest quality products.

Can I use your products when I’m pregnant/breastfeeding/on medication?

We recommended you always consult a qualified professional concerning any questions about the use of our products in combination with your medication. The consumption and use of certain of our products can be damaging during pregnancy and breastfeeding, you should always consult your doctor before you start using our products.

Do you have any physical stores?

No, our products are exclusively available online.

Do CBD products have healing effects?

We are not authorized to provide health claims. The products offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. If you have questions about the medical application and the range of effect of CBD products, please consult the Internet (e.g. at ) or ask your doctor or pharmacist. All statements on this website are without any kind of guarantee of the effect.

Does organic CBD oil cause side effects?

Hemp is considered generally safe, so there should not be any significant side effects of CBD, but we cannot rule them out as it really depends on how your body tolerates and adapts to these dietary supplements. We recommend to consult your physician before using any dietary supplement, including our organic CBD oil.

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