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Our Story

Sarah’s Blessing from the Bible to our days

Here at Sarah’s Blessing, we believe that the world has been given a great gift through the release of CBD, or Cannabidiol. For a century or more, access to this miraculous pain reliever has been restricted due to cannabis being illegal in most areas of the world.

Our Story – Sarah's Blessing – From the Bible to Our Days

But now thanks to advanced extraction techniques and a greater understanding of the medicinal benefits of parts of the cannabis plant, we enjoy unlimited access to CBD!

CBD has no hallucinogenic effects (those come from THC) – that means tens of millions of people around the world can now gain relief from pain and anxiety without worrying about getting high or experiencing any of the harmful side effects that are often associated with prescription medications.

CBD has actually been associated with numerous health benefits, including, in addition to pain relief, reduction of anxiety and depression, alleviation of some cancer-related symptoms, heart health benefits, anti-tumor benefits, acne reduction, diabetes prevention and much, much more.

The Truth is Here at Sarah’s Blessing We See the Now Widespread Availability of CBD as a True Blessing from Heaven!

As our name reveals, our inspiration comes from Sarah’s story, and our goal is vital - to help people stop their pain and suffering and live life fully again, by introducing the natural blessing of CBD.

Our Story – Sarah's Blessing – From the Bible to Our Days

Sarah’s Blessing!

Sarah, who was the wife of Abraham, desperately wanted to have a child but was unable to conceive. Then at age 90, after being blessed by God, she gave birth to a son, whom she named Isaac, which means in Hebrew “will rejoice with laughter.”

CBD’s story also includes an approximate 90-year period of barrenness where it was considered a restricted substance and was off limits to the population at large. But now CBD is available and “bearing fruit” by improving the quality of life of millions upon millions of people around the world.

Upon getting pregnant at age 90, Sarah said “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.”

Our Story – Sarah's Blessing – From the Bible to Our Days Our Story – Sarah's Blessing – From the Bible to Our Days

Today, many people are crediting CBD for their happiness and new-found willingness to laugh due to the reduction in pain and anxiety that they feel when taking it.

And as an interesting side note, Sarah also says in the Bible, “Who would have said to Abraham that Sarah would nurse children?” (Genesis 21) You see, as a 90-year-old mother Sarah was also able to breastfeed her son Isaac.

Well, did you know that it was recently discovered that cannabinoids occur naturally in human breast milk?

It’s true. Those cannabinoids in breast milk help to calm and relax the baby. Now CBD, like that provided by us, is helping adults feel calmer and more relaxed despite their busy schedules and the pressures of everyday life.

We are committed to helping you and all of our customers find relief for your pain and/or anxiety by providing fast, easy access to the God-given natural medicine – CBD!

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